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Poison Diaries book franchise builds 100K online audience as DCD offers world rights to new book in series

On 15, Apr 2013 | No Comments | In News | By DCD

This astonishing social media presence underlines the brand’s strong presence in the market and offers interesting opportunities for the upcoming book in the series entitled ‘Weed’ which is on offer from DCD Publishing at this week’s London Book Fair.

Poison Diaries Logo

DCD Publishing announces that ‘Poison Diaries’, a book franchise from The Duchess of Northumberland, has shown exponential growth on social media, with the world’s leading blogging platform Tumblr now featuring the books series in both their Books and Science sections. Tumblr currently hosts over 80 million blogs and serves 20 billion page views per month.

In addition to the 83,000 Tumblr followers the books’ Twitter following amounts to a constantly growing audience of 12,300 followers, while Facebook has over 3,100 fans and the new Instagram page launched in summer 2012 attracted 1,600 followers to date. The cross platform community has been building organically since 2011 and 20 million impressions were generated through original content, interactions with the community and social sharing during the first quarter of 2013.

‘Weed’ is the ‘break-out’ book from the ‘Poison Diaries’ series of novels based on the richly-imagined world of hallucinogenic herbs that shape the life of ‘Weed’ – the troubled anti-hero of the imaginary world that comes from the Poison Garden at Alnwick Castle.

The creation of the Duchess of Northumberland ‘Poison Diaries’ is part of a rapidly-expanding franchise of licensed products including ‘Little Book of Poisons, Potions and Aphrodisiacs’ to be published this June by The History Press as well as the highly anticipated range of jams and marmalades with aphrodisiac properties from award-winning preserve producers The Mercers.

Film dramatisation rights and a television series are currently under negotiation based on the ‘Poison Diaries’ book franchise.

Poison Diaries